Home Sweet Home

After an exciting 12 hours in an airport hotel in Delhi watching movies and doing nothing and a 9 hour flight journey we made it home safe and sound. We were lucky that the weather put on a good day for us and we had a beautiful view of sunny London as we flew in over the city. I have to admit I was totally dreading coming home to winter, the drudgery of commuting to work and the overall greyness of the city. Seeing the London Eye, Big Ben and even my office as we flew over the Thames was a perfect reminder of why we live in this amazing city.

It felt even more amazing to sit on an efficient tube and not get hassled or stared at, let ourselves into our clean home with constant power, have a hot shower without fear of it running out and settle in for a meal of fresh food that wasn’t curry. It was even a luxury to drink water out of the tap. All these simple home comforts that I take for granted are what I missed while I was away. Coming home to them definitely made me feel incredibly lucky after seeing some of the living standards in India. I hope that I can remember that next time I complain about something broken in our house or the tube being delayed.

Although while it is good to be home there is definitely a post holiday depression setting in. While I won’t miss bartering every time I buy something I’m certainly missing Indian prices. And even though it can be annoying to be hassled all the time at least people were friendly unlike the silence of the tube. The cold weather certainly came as a shock and my tan from the endless Indian heat is already fading. Luckily between us James and I have about 3000 photos to remind us of our trip.

It was an amazing 75 days and one that can only be described as a trip of a lifetime. I learnt so much about a different culture – the people, traditions, religions and landscapes. I got to try things I’ve never done before such as horse riding and paragliding. I was lucky enough to be joined by the best travel partner you could ask for and meet up with my parents whom I hardly get to see due to living on separate continents. I got to meet so many new people including getting to know two good new friends in Michelle and Hamish. I learnt that 16 hours on a bumpy overnight bus really isn’t all that bad and that sleeping among cockroaches on the trains can be done if it only costs you £3 to get somewhere. I learnt that patience really is a virtue and that in some situations its better to laugh then to cry.

So the Adventure in Bronniewood is over for now and I hope that you have enjoyed reading about the experience as much as I enjoyed having it. India and Nepal should be a place that everyone gets to visit once in a lifetime as they are both such beautiful countries – full of interesting people, exciting places, beautiful scenery and tantalizing food. The best things you could want in a travel adventure!


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