Stamp of Approval

I finally got my Indian visa! 

I say finally because it was a bit of a process to get it. I was applying for a multi-entry visa as an Australian living in the UK which meant a lot of extra paperwork. 

After spending ages filling them all in and double checking everything on the checklist, I sent it off with about 5 weeks to spare. A few days later I got it returned because it had been rejected! I had left out the itinerary that they need to see why I needed a multi-entry visa (in my defense it wasn’t included on the checklist!)

Since I wasn’t home when it got delivered I had to get to re-directed to my work address. EIGHT days later the courier company got it to me. This meant that I literally had 13 working days to get it processed. When they recommended 10 – 15 working days in total. 

I decided to submit it personally so it was fast tracked and after spending 2 hours at the embassy it was finally processed and sent off to the high commission. Then all I had to do was wait! I was fairly confident that they could process it in 13 days but I was told there was two Indian public holidays and one UK public holidays in that time. That meant I literally had the 10 working days to get it processed.

I was pretty much on edge for two weeks, looking into alternative flights and making a back up plan if I couldn’t go when I wanted to go but thankfully, yesterday I got the text and I rushed into the embassy to pick it up.

My passport was in my hands and I breathed a huge sigh of relief! I’m definitely going on Tuesday! Now all I have to do is pack up my room, pack my backpack and get ready for my adventure!


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